Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Shoes of the Fisherman

“For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed."-Malachi 3:6

Famous picture of John Paul II with the book
"Meditations on the Tarot" on his podium
The incumbent Pope, Francis, is considered a progressive. Since the Bible, which used to be considered the playbook for people considering themselves Christians, states that God is unchanging, how can His representative on earth be "progressive"?

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. - Hebrews 13:8

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. -James 1:17

This Pope trivializes sin, believes in Darwinism and space aliens, rails against "fake news" and generally panders to the PC powers that be. He is supposedly beloved of the people for his warmth and humility, but I'm not feelin' it, and I'm definitely not seeing it on video. For your perusal, a playlist with a few highlights from the Pope's antics and pope related news
over the last few years:

*I do not necessarily agree with the views expressed by the broadcasters included in this play list, I am including their reporting as a matter of public record. I apologize for any swearing that viewers may be exposed to.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the Clintons Part One Hildebeast

I've heard it reported, not too long ago, that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook worked with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (TIME'S 2015 Person of the Year) to cut any dissent within social media to Merkel's Welcome to the Orwellian NOW, wherein a regular citizen who might not like what's boding ill for their own little neck of the woods based on what's being reported on the international scene, will be tagged as "offensive" and guilty of "hate speech." Hate speech must be suppressed at all costs, apparently, it being more heinous, then, oh I don't know, war atrocities, terrorism, graft, fraud...

Circling the Wagons 
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The "media" has made it seem that Zuckerberg participated in the smackdown as an afterthought, under duress of complaints from the German government, because of course he became a billionaire as the result of being a politically naive Internet waif with a goofy, great idea to connect people, that became the goldmine we now call social media. Uh-uh.

Now I hear that he is going to work with the Clinton campaign to crack down on her haters. So, of course in the interest of free speech, coupled with the fact that I believe Clinton has already been chosen as our next Commander in Chief - I don't know that the electronic voting machines are hooked up to anything, and if they are it is digitally capable ('ya reckon?) of being manipulated - I've created my own little playlist on the Hildebeast.
Allegedly, Hillary Clinton was loathsome to the Obamas, an object of derision and scorn, and was nicknamed by them "Hildebeest" bĂȘte noire explained,  and explained again, by our very own, beloved mainstream media, folks.

We have nine more months of this circus, people:

Video selection # 1
Hillary as part of the Clinton sleaze machine

And no, I don't think Trump is a real candidate, he's an entertainment industry shill hired to keep the circus exciting. *errr... as of this update: Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States...ooopsey

Video selection #2
Hillary...same Part 2
It might be hard to find different captions for these selections.

Full Version Clinton Chronicles
On You Tube check it out

The Ruse of Hillary as a Pro-Woman Feminist

I've heard it said that the Clinton's destroyed what was left of feminism, and I agree with this analysis, but I also think the Clinton administration laid the groundwork for so much more damage to the already dysfunctional American political system. The Monica Lewinsky scandal and Bill's subsequent impeachment created a political situation wherein liberal women and liberal Democratic Party women, especially, supported the Clintons and claimed that it didn't matter what a public figure did in their personal life including sexual harassment and trafficking, adultery, lying to the public and the court. They also insisted that he had been set-up by the Republicans - fair enough and so what, the information is still valid enough. "Smart" women went into denial (Liberals think that they are smarter than other people.) about what obvious predators the Clintons are and have been for some time. So they supported a sex-offender in order to preserve their illusions about democracy and their party's dominance.

The Clinton impeachment and "Monica-gate" also sent out a subliminal message to the masses, and especially to children, who heard sexual innuendos, leering stand-up, and graphic reporting of semen stains and so on, on prime time TV and radio for three or so years - remember the epidemic of middle-school and high-school girls who were giving boys oral sex on the school buses, at the schools, etc.?  It became an openly talked about fad with the underage; I believe this was a direct legacy of Bill Clinton, the cool, Teflon president, who was impeached but landed on his feet anyway, and was not criminally charged as a sex offender. I believe the Clintons were key figures in a Psych-op that included messages sent through the mainstream media which included ideas such as: powerful men can do whatever they want to and with women; powerful men can be perverted/perversion is OK and in fact a privilege enjoyed by the elite (Everyone wants to identify with the elite, hence the obsession with celebrities and wanting to emulate them. This is another, separate Psych-op that dovetails.).No one cares if the president is a liar, no one cares if a president is immoral, participates in illegal activities, etc.This has set the stage for the current era in American politics. Narcissism, criminality, cover-ups, fraud. All of it.

Although he is crude, and doesn't care whom he offends, and has been shut down by You Tube several times, Dr. of Common Sense makes some valid points: 

More to the Playlist:

Judge Joe Brown on J. Edgar Hoover, Hillary Clinton, Trump, Michael Jackson & MOOR

Monday, November 11, 2013

L.A. Woman Redux

It IS Rocket Science

One of Crowley's helpful hints to a student in O.T.O. regarding ushering in his professed new age of liberty and light,was to encourage his protege Jack Parsons, the rocket science magus who developed jet propulsion and worked with the young L. Ron Hubbard as a ceremonial magician, to bring through Babalon, the spirit of the unrepentant whore who rides through Revelation 17:3-5. Parsons was to do this through an VIIIth Degree magical working of O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis).

From Jack Parsons and the Fall of Babalon, by Paul Rydeen, an excellent tract on this affair:

 "Parsons wrote Crowley, "I have diligently followed the VIIIth Degree instructions as (a) creation of new orders of beings with consecrated talismanic images... Possible connective result: increase in writing output; (b) Invocation of Mother Goddess...  The rite ended with Parsons commanding the spirit to appear in human form...


On February 23, 1946 Parsons triumphantly wrote to Crowley, "I have my elemental! She turned up one night after the conclusion of the Operation, and has been with me since." The Elemental was Marjorie Cameron.

[Early March 1946]... Parsons recorded in a letter to Crowley...  "I believe it was the result of the IXth Degree working with the girl who answered my elemental summons. I have been in direct communication with the one who is most Holy and Beautiful... I cannot write the name at present." Secretly he did write her name. He called her Babalon. ...In Liber 49 Babalon says she is the incestuous daughter of Nuit and Horus. Her avatar on earth is the Scarlet Woman.
 Which brings us to the witch, Marjorie Cameron. Parsons was disenchanted with human relationships and sexuality and wanted to bring forth an elemental mate made manifest through a human woman. He and Hubbard worked magic and materialized Marjorie Cameron through an acquaintance that brought her by their residence, the Pasadena house that Parsons had inherited from his father. Cameron went on to become Parsons' wife and priestess.
Parsons was greatly affected by working #VIII-which produced Cameron-who from then on participated in his O.T.O. magic.  Parsons was determined to produce the magical child, a.k.a. moonchild, a.k.a homunculous. Rydeen's book quotes from Crowley's Moonchild to explain the concept:
[magicians, alchemists]... wanted very much to produce a man who should not be bound up in his heredity...
...they started in paraphysical ways...they repudiated natural generation altogether... ...made figures of brass, and tried to induce souls to indwell them. ... 

...other magicians sought to make this Homunculous in a way closer to nature... ... they had conjurations that they thought capable of doing this...  ... they would be able to cause the incarnation of beings of infinite  knowledge and power, who would be able to bring the whole world into Light and Truth."

There are several versions of how Parsons , Hubbard and Crowley (died in 1947) attempted to create the moonchild through the use of the atomic detonations - the blasts being a way to blow a hole in the fabric of reality, that, combined with incantations, and possibly an organic host formed from human tissue and fluids, would be the necessary formula for this fabrication. This bit of hocus pocus is historically recorded as fact, by the way.

  After a long downward spiral, during which Parsons lost everything, he was blown up in a 'mysterious' explosion in his home laboratory. That someone who played around with demonic forces and named himself the antichrist after taking the 'Oath of the Abyss' would die in a horrible and torturous manner does not seem illogical, however. Parsons was blown up in a mercury fulminate explosion that tore up part of his jaw, tore off his arm, broke the other one and both of his legs, but he did not die until another 45 minutes had passed, and it has been hinted at that his death may likely have been a sacrifice to his goddess Babalon. As his partner in magic and scribe for a time, L. Ron Hubbard, poetically channeled years before Parsons' death:

"She is the flame of life, power of darkness, she destroys with a glance, she may take thy soul. She feeds upon the death of men... She will absorb thee, and thou shalt become living flame before she incarnates."

How like the famous quote by Robert Oppenheimer upon the detonation of the first atomic bomb at the Trinity site:

The sight of the terrible apparitional mushroom cloud climbing into the heavens made Oppenheimer remember a line from the Bhagavad Gita: ‘Now I am become death, the destroyer of the worlds’ (BhG.XI.32).
 Apparently those with their fingers on the triggers all have occult philosophies somewhere at the core of their thinking. Nice.

 Time Will Tell

Crowley must have known all along that magical workings of the magnitude in which he was mentoring Parsons had to have a sacrifice, or several, in order to succeed. Parsons was collateral damage, but from all accounts of his life, he was a willing victim, because he was drinking from the same font of  Kool-aid as Crowley. Except that Crowley (1875-1947) appears to have spat a lot of his out in the sink while no one was looking, because he managed to live well-beyond the life expectancy of someone with his penchant for risky business. Parsons is described in many Internet articles as a "failed magician," or sometimes a "successful rocket scientist but failed magician;" I would like to counterpoint these phrases with the idea that Parsons was a very successful magician, in that I believe that he did bring through the spirit of Babalon by tearing open the fabric of time and space to allow a way for the demonic energies that used him to come through. Problem was Parsons didn't see them as demonic, he believed the Crowley propaganda that O.T.O. magic was liberating mankind from the repressive forces of the Judeo-Christian paradigm. Oooppsss... excepting that the type of demonic forces , the Luciferian, chaos-forces are part of that very same Judeo-Christian paradigm. Interesting how that works like that. The fact that they were using the Scarlet Woman and the Whore of Babylon as feminine archetypes shows that Crowley was totally into assisting his hyper-dimensional masters in ushering in the Apocalypse, the very same one that is in the book of Revelation, yes, in the Bible, the Christian Bible. Parsons big fallacy, apart from being used as a human sacrifice, was that he thought that he was going to impregnate wife Marjorie Cameron in the usual human biological way and that she would give birth to an actual organic hybrid of some sort.

The thing to be considered for me in knowing about the Babalon working and the invocation of both the Goddess Babalon (who is likened to Nuit, Kali, Isis, etc.) and the creation of a magical person formed by art, not by God, is what did they bring through the veil? Because if they summoned Babalon, who has been illustrated well enough through the journals of Jack Parsons, Crowley and Hubbard into this world, and 'she' is here, that means that the spirit of all that she embodies and her role in the Apocalypse is alive in the world and aiding to unfold the journey of the end of life as we know it. When magicians rend the fabric of time and space, they do so against the forces of nature, not with them, and that which occurs is likely to go, as they say, sideways - the result being unpredictable, uncomfortable, disastrous. As one of the article links points out - to blow apart time, space and primordial matter is to blow apart the union of opposites. This is what is required to usher in the spirit of rebellion - the one against the other. That is the spirit of Luciferianism -  the all war, all unrest, all chaos, -all the time channel.
A lot has been written about Marjorie Cameron, and there is a strong revival of interest in her art work, a new biography, etc. She is considered by the arty and occult-oriented, who are often one and the same nowadays, as a chic, creative force and a kind of  early feminist, in that she was a champion of women's personal liberation and sexual liberation. Her life in retrospect was besieged with financial problems, and as an artist by frustration and obscurity; she eventually remarried after Parsons - and conceived a daughter with a mentally ill guy who committed suicide (Note to self: She was also a 'successful magician'). Cameron was featured in a brief article in W magazine ( Fashion bible of the Jet Set, I've read). News Flash: Hollywood, L.A. and the entertainment industry are influenced by occultism and witchcraft.

On the heels of the Babalon working of the late 1940s came the counter-cultural revolutions of the 1960s, often characterized, if not deified, as a wildly creative rebellious period of US history - the war between the sexes, the generation gap, sexual revolution, black power, conservative against liberal - its main dynamics were in the spirit of rebellion - pitting people against each other and eroding that which had traditionally bonded people together. It is interesting, to me at least, that Rydeen, in his book Jack Parsons and the Fall of Babalon, throws in a quote that Jim Morrison made to an interviewer, I'd have to guess sometime in the late 60s, as there is no citation mentioned in the book:
Compare Jim Morrison's remark to an interviewer that the air around us is full of spirits. "They know we exist, and envy us our bodies."

 You Tube Change Agents Hall of Fame Episode: Jim Morrison & The Weaponization of the Music Industry